Memtiles Kids Released


memtiles kids logo

Memtiles Kids has been released!

We’ve finally packed the whole thing, polished the last details, and submitted the game to the Google Play Store. You can now purchase and download Memtiles Kids for Android.

It features four unique themes: Colors, Numbers, Shapes and Animals. Play through 180 different and randomly generated levels and challenge your memory!

iOS and Windows 8 releases are expected in the next two weeks, so if you want the game for these platforms, bear with us just a little longer 🙂


Memtiles Development Status


We are on the final stretch!

The last art assets are being made. The 3D models are being updated and polished. The sound is being adjusted, and the game is being play tested on many different devices by many different people to make sure everything works fine when launching.

So right now is the most crucial part, the last tiny bits of detail that need to be polished. By the end of the week, the game will be in its final form, ready to launch. But first, I’m going to have to make some promotional stuff, like videos, image headers and icons, set up a website, and write a “press release” to send to blogs for possible reviews in order to advertise the game.

It’s been a long ride and hopefully all continues well as I have more games in mind to make 🙂

The game is going to be released for Android devices first, then maybe iOS and WP8, for both mobile phones and tablets. Maybe later on I’ll release a web build but for now, this is the plan.

Cheers 🙂

October Challenge.. Again!


Last year I posted quite enthusiastly that I was going to participate in Ludum Dare’s october challenge, which is “Finish a game — Take it to market — Earn $1”.

Back when I posted that, I had just found was Unity3D was and was amazed of how quickly I could do game prototypes. As you may know, I’m developing Memtiles and although I would love to say that I’m really in this year, it might be complicated. Anyway, Ludum Dare’s October Challenge is up again, so go for it!

I’ve aimed the end of the month to release the game. If everything goes according to plan, I’m going to have all the artwork ready, music, and gameplay. Then I release it, and make a marketing plan to advertise it. So I might not be making my first $1 this month, but hey, at least I’ll be finishing my first game 🙂

PS: As soon as I have the final artwork, I’ll post some more screenshots. 🙂 I can already say that the games looks nothing like the Beta version. 🙂 Its much, much better 🙂

Memtiles is almost done


After nearly a month after the beta release of Memtiles, I’m nearly in the end of development. I’ve basically being updating and creating new assets, textures, checking for sound effects, hiring for music composition and graphics. So it has been pretty busy. Mainly because I’m working part-time on this project, only when I come home from work, and on weekends.

Today I lost all connections to my assets, prefabs, textures, everything.. I don’t know what happened to Unity3D, but that sure as hell cost me 3 hours rebuilding all prefabs. I guess I should back my things before opening a new branch.. or check what to ignore on bitbucket.. Anyway, I have my prefabs back.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 1.35.38 AM

So now I can actually focus on progressing in the development. I still have game art and sound/music coming up.

Hopefully I will still release this by mid/end october.

Memtiles for Android in Beta Phase



So I’m making a casual memory game for mobile platforms. Its a simple educational puzzle, where you need to retrieve the tile pairs on the grid.

There is currently only one mode and one theme, but more will be added this month. There will be 3 more themes and a new game mode (maybe). There is also the educational part to do 🙂

You can play it online in your browser at and also download the latest apk version for Android, from 2.3.1 to 4.x.

Please report any bug you might find, as well as suggestions. 🙂


The Elements of Programming Style


The following rules of programming style are excerpted from the book “The Elements of Programming Style” by Kernighan and Plauger, published by McGraw Hill. Quote from the book:

“To paraphrase an observation in The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, the rules of programming style, like those of English, are sometimes broken, even by the best writers. When a rule is broken, however, you will usually fi nd in the program some compensating merit, attained at the cost of the violation. Unless you are certain of doing as well, you will probably do best to follow the rules.”

  1. Write clearly – don’t be too clever.
  2. Say what you mean, simply and directly.
  3. Use library functions whenever feasible.
  4. Avoid too many temporary variables.
  5. Write clearly – don’t sacri ce clarity for “efficiency”.
  6. Let the machine do the dirty work.
  7. Replace repetitive expressions by calls to common functions.
  8. Parenthesize to avoid ambiguity.
  9. Choose variable names that won’t be confused.
  10. Avoid unnecessary branches.
  11. If a logical expression is hard to understand, try transforming it.
  12. Choose a data representation that makes the program simple.
  13. Write fi rst in easy-to-understand pseudo language; then translate into whatever language you have to use
  14. Modularize. Use procedures and functions.
  15. Avoid gotos completely if you can keep the program readable.
  16. Don’t patch bad code – rewrite it.
  17. Write and test a big program in small pieces.
  18. Use recursive procedures for recursively-de fined data structures.
  19. Test input for plausibility and validity.
  20. Make sure input doesn’t violate the limits of the program.
  21. Terminate input by end-of- line marker, not by count.
  22. Identify bad input; recover if possible.
  23. Make input easy to prepare and output self-explanatory.
  24. Use uniform input formats.
  25. Make input easy to proofread.
  26. Use self-identifying input. Allow defaults. Echo both on output.
  27. Make sure all variable are initialized before use.
  28. Don’t stop at one bug.
  29. Use debugging compilers.
  30. Watch out for off -by-one errors.
  31. Take care to branch the right way on equality.
  32. Be careful if a loop exits to the same place from the middle and the bottom.
  33. Make sure your code does “nothing” gracefully.
  34. Test programs at their boundary values.
  35. Check some answers by hand.
  36. 10.0 times 0.1 is hardly ever 1.0.
  37. 7/8 is zero while 7.0/8.0 is not zero.
  38. Don’t compare foating point numbers solely for equality.
  39. Make it right before you make it faster.
  40. Make it fail-safe before you make it faster.
  41. Make it clear before you make it faster.
  42. Don’t sacri ce clarity for small gains in “efficiency.”
  43. Let your compiler do the simple optimizations.
  44. Don’t strain to re-use code; reorganize instead.
  45. Make sure special cases are truly special.
  46. Keep it simple to make it faster.
  47. Don’t diddle code to make it faster. Fi nd a better algorithm.
  48. Instrument your programs. Measure before making “efficiency” changes.
  49. Make sure comments and code agree.
  50. Don’t just echo the code with comments . Make every comment count.
  51. Don’t comment bad code – rewrite it.
  52. Use variable names that mean something.
  53. Use statement labels that mean something.
  54. Format a program to help the reader understand it.
  55. Document your data layouts.
  56. Don’t over-comment.

Hope that helps 🙂

Coursera Again


So I could not finish, Algorithms I and II and Cryptography I and II because of work and my masters degree. But I enlisted to two other courses, that will be happening on my “masters vacations”. I’m still working 8+ hours a day, but I don’t have to study for exams now. 🙂

So I’m taking two interesting courses at coursera. First one is “Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story” and the other, maybe the one I will pay more attention because I really think I need it, “Startup Engineering”.

So far so good. I’m keeping up! 😀

Coin Generation


The new hype right now is to install a small app that will make you earn some money. I don’t know if its safe yet, but I’m trying it with some friends and I already made $40 this june. Mostly through referrals. I’ve also setup a website,, where I explain a little of what’s this all about, and then I take you to the official website with my referral link.

Check it out if you have the time.