I’ve listed here released projects and demos I thought were worth showing. I have much more demos and samples that I can count, but these make the top list, I’ll be adding more to the list as I see fit. I mostly do games now with Unity/C#, and Unreal/C++. I have also made quite a few iOS applications using Swift that are not listed here.

I release my games as Skybelow Studios, you can find more info on them there.


Astromike is a mix between Monument Valley and Lara Croft GO, both of which I loved to play on iOS. It was made under 72h for Ludum Dare #38 with the help of Marco Vale for 3D Art and Animation.


SuperStems was made under 48h for Ludum Dare 31, and was updated and released for iOS. Super Stems is a board strategy dominion game where you place tiles to dominate the board.

Jumpy Rope

Jumpy Rope is a casual jump the rope game I released for iOS and Android. Jump the rope as much as you can and unlock new clothes, powerups, and floating islands! It was made with the help of FiSilvia for 3D art, Joao Costa for sound design and Guilherme Martins for Animation.



Memtile Kids

Memtiles Kids is a memory matching game for kids with 4 different themes to unlock and over 100 levels. It was released on Android and iOS. It has since been discontinued from the Appstore.